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Welcome to upholster.com, your one stop shop for CS Osborne upholstery tools and any upholstery supplies you may need. Please browse our top of the line upholstery tools, upholstery supplies, and accessories. We have a wide selection for you to choose from.

We know that modern, professional upholsterers hold themselves up to the highest quality of craftsmanship. In order to have the best results at the end of every project, you need to be working with the top upholstery supplies. It was with that in mind that we put together our inventory of the best tools and supplies on the market today.

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Above: Time lapse photography taken over 9 days of two hour reupholstery classes. By Suez Peterson

Never deliver a job to a customer that is going to get you complaints. Our trade is a "word of mouth" business.
Fix problems before they leave your shop and you will succeed.

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