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There are plenty of upholstery fabrics on the market, from cheap and affordable to luxurious yet expensive. The fabric that you choose for your project depends on a number of considerations including how you intend to use it, whether it will be indoors or outdoors, or even the visual aesthetic you’d like to achieve.

Once you know the goal of your current project, you can choose the best fabric. The most popular fabrics for upholstery include but are not limited to cotton, leather, nylon, polyester, vinyl, silk, burlap, and wool. We also carry decking cloth, cambric bottom cloth, down ticking, and muslin.

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Types of materials

Cotton is a versatile and popular all natural fabric that has uses across the board, from clothing to upholstery. Upholstery cotton fabric is great because it can be dyed many different colors and even with patterns. Cotton can be an excellent choice for furniture upholstery. At the same time, it fades easily and often wrinkles. Keep this in mind when considering cotton fabric for upholstery.

Another popular upholstery fabric is nylon. This synthetic fabric is flexible and visually pleasing. It holds up well under extended use and is very stain resistant. Nylon upholstery fabric is also very easy to clean. The only downside of nylon is that it can fade easily in sunlight and so might not be the best fabric for outdoor upholstery.

For those who are looking for auto upholstery fabric, a good choice is vinyl. Vinyl has a similar look and feel to leather but it is considerably less expensive. Perhaps the only drawback to vinyl is that it isn’t quite as durable as leather, so it might crack over time. Still, if you're looking to reupholster your car’s interior, you might want to pick up some vinyl.

Wool fabric is a popular fabric for interior furniture upholstery. This durable fabric holds up well over time, making it a great option for pieces that will see a lot of use. Most wool fabrics won’t fade or wrinkle easily and are fairly stain resistant. Look for wool that is a synthetic blend since these are much easier to clean and maintain.

Acrylic is a synthetic fabric that imitates wool. This fabric is great for resisting stains, fading, and wrinkling. If you’re shopping for acrylic fabric, its best to choose a higher quality acrylic. Low-quality acrylics will pill more easily.

For luxury options, it’s always great to go with something like silk, linen or rayon. Linen is a delicate fabric that soils and wrinkles easily. However, this fabric won’t fade or start pilling easily. And on top of that, it gives a clean and professional looking end result.

Rayon is a synthetic fabric meant to imitate silk in look and feel. Less expensive than silk, it can wrinkle quite easily.

Lastly, silk fabric is the ultimate luxury upholstery fabric, but it can be quite difficult to maintain. Use silk when you want an impressive result that won’t see a lot of hard use.