Upholstery Leather

Upholstery leather can yield beautiful and long lasting results if worked with correctly. Yet working with upholstery leather is not like working with other upholstery fabrics. Leather is tougher, less forgiving, and in general more difficult to work with. It requires a higher level of accuracy. That being said, once you are a confident upholsterer, working with upholstery leather can be very rewarding.

Upholstery Leather supplier

Upholstery leather is sold in hides not yards

The first difference to note between upholstery fabric and upholstery leather is that leather comes in hides. When you go to the fabric store, you buy fabric by the yard. This is not true of leather. Instead, you buy leather as it was cut from the animal skin. Sometimes, you can buy half hides.

We have a couple wonderful upholstery leather suppliers for you to check out. Be sure to browse their clearance sections for special deals.

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Waterhouse Leather

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