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Straight Stitch Sewing Machine - Set

Straight Stitch Sewing Machine - Set

Code: 7360rh


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Product Description


For sewing light to heavy-weight materials including cottons, knits, polyester, nylon, sheer fabrics and denim Suitable for stitching such products as blouses, shirts, men's, ladies and children's apparel, uniforms, overalls, lingerie, etc. Heavyweight fabrics such as jeans can be sewn by changing the needle plate, feed dog, foot, stitch regulator, hook and needle bar.


Fully automatic lubrication with recirculating high pressure pump
Noise and vibration absorbing table mounting
"Feather-touch" pressure foot lifter
Ultra high speed - 5500 S.P.M.*
Heavy Bobbin
Presser foot
Servo Motor
This price is for the full set of Machine head, motor and table.