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Walking Foot Sewing Machine

Walking Foot Sewing Machine

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Product Description

This upholstery sewing machine is ideal for sewing medium to heavy-weight fabrics such as leather, vinyl, upholstery fabric, canvas and various coated and laminated products. This walking foot sewing machine is designed for sewing products such as auto, boat and furniture upholstery, tarpaulins, covers, sails, tents, camping trailer covers, awnings, umbrellas, tops, bags, luggage, handbags, travelware accessories, sports and camping equipment, wearing apparel, outdoor clothing, canvas shoes, slippers, orthopedic appliances etc.
Simple adjustment permits raising and lowering of the center foot which allows for sewing different thicknesses of material and thus assures positive stitching.
The full set consists of the machine head, motor and table.

If you’re looking for the most versatile and longest lasting of sewing machines to grow with you as you develop into more advanced upholstery projects, you can’t go wrong with a walking foot sewing machine. These are the leading machines in the industry, known for their adaptability, durability, and finesse.

Seamstresses and upholsterers around the world favor the walking foot sewing machine because of its ability to tackle any project, big or small. But why is this such a popular machine? What benefits does a walking foot machine offer that others do not?

A walking foot is a particular type of presser foot that is designed to give you an additional set of feed dogs to guide the top of the fabric you are in the process of sewing. This extra guidance makes it considerably easier to sew heavy or unusual fabrics, like those used during upholstery projects.

When a walking foot is used, fabrics that would normally bunch up or slip away from each other have an easier time staying together. This means less frustration and wasted time for you, and saved money on less ruined fabrics.

The construction of a walking foot is what leads to this ease of use. This is a larger presser foot than is traditionally found on a sewing machine. The larger construction includes an extra arm that connects with the needle. This extra arm allows the machine to pull the top fabric under the needle at the same rate it pulls the bottom fabric.

The next most essential aspect of a walking foot are it’s teeth, or ridged gripping material, that move in a circular motion as you sew. These teeth are what allow the fabric on the top and bottom to be fed into the needle completely evenly.

If you’re using a walking foot during your upholstery projects, you must attach the moveable bar to sit on top of the machine’s needle bar. When the needle on your machine moves up and down, the teeth on the walking foot will move in sync with the feed dogs beneath your fabric.

This sort of presser foot is an absolutely godsend if you are trying to sew heavy fabrics, bulky seams, or matching seam intersections. If you need to sew fabric together where a seam intersects, a traditional presser foot would get stuck. However, a walking foot is able to climb over the bulky seam and effortlessly attach the two pieces of fabric.

A walking foot is an invaluable resource if you want to sew medium to heavy weight fabrics. Fabrics such as leather, vinyl, upholstery fabric, canvas, or other laminated fabrics are a breeze to sew together when done with a walking foot.

The walking foot sewing machine products available here are made specifically for sewing products such as automotive upholstery, boat accessories, or furniture upholstery. Additionally, if you’re hoping to sew tarpaulins, sails, tents, camping trailer covers, sails, and other heavy duty projects, you absolutely must have a walking foot sewing machine.