Big Book of Boat Canvas by Karen Lipe

Big Book of Boat Canvas by Karen Lipe

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Big Book of Boat Canvas:

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Covering far more than just traditional ``canvas'' work, the author leads the reader step-by-step through 36 projects, ranging from sail covers, dodgers, and duffel bags to interior cushions, privacy curtains, and hanging lockers. With thorough discussions of modern fabrics, a review of basic sewing and canvas working techniques, helpful maintenance and cleaning tips, plus a wealth of decorator's wisdom, this handy book covers everything a person needs to know to add style, comfort, and utility to his or her boat, whether sail or power.


The Sewing Machine. Tools and Hardware. Terminology and Techniques. Design and Color Considerations. Fabric for Exterior Projects. A Simple Duffel Bag. Canvas Bucket. Awing. Dodger. Deck Cushions. Sail Covers. Winter Cover. Fabric for Interior Projects. Sheets and Quilts. Curtains. Carpet Runners. etc. Appendixes. Sources.

The Big Book of Boat Canvas: A Complete Guide to Fabric Work on Boats

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(Feb 1991)
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